Unfair, You Say?

Don’t you think it’s weird that a certain caste of White American is obsessed with the idea that out there somewhere is a lazy black man, unemployed and living fat, on an imaginary cash handout version of welfare, collecting the economic fruits of someone else’s hard work?

They can’t let this vision go. It’s just so unfair, they say, being forced to pay somebody else’s way… They don’t deserve to benefit from someone else’s work, they say.

But then you point out that they’re right, and that their ancestors turned that idea up to eleven for a few hundred years by literally enslaving the ancestors of the people they’re complaining about, to leverage the ENTIRETY of a whole other captive race’s economic activity for themselves.

But sure, paying taxes that marginally support things like grocery assistance for anybody who needs it is super-unfair, right? It’s not just paying back descendants of that unfairly maligned race, who even long after emancipation, were systematically boxed-out of meaningful economic and political participation in a hundred different ways, to safeguard opportunity for, and then solidify the gains that system bestowed on White American families while it was in place, creating a social and economic framework that places everyone who doesn’t look and sound like they do at a starting disadvantage, and then insists that fair play means identical, not starting-line-based-equitable, treatment? Nah, it’s not that. It’s actually more fair than that, because our social safety net ISN’T just for the victims of our great ancestral sin. It’s for anyone that needs it.

But these guys can’t seem to get over the vision that somebody black and poor might not have a job, and might in the meantime benefit from the labor of white folks for a while. Like that wouldn’t just be justice for the past.

We didn’t do reparations in this country. We enshrined sabotage instead. Creating the very conditions that create disproportionate black unemployment, incidentally.

It takes a brass pair for WhiteAmerica to obsess over this mental image of a lazy black man getting something for nothing at their expense. A real brass pair indeed.