What We Do Here

Every so often, you read something that touches you, or really lifts your spirit; words that come to change your life, and redefine your sense of purpose and what’s real.

I need to be upfront, the likelihood of that happening to you here is infinitesimally slim.

It’s only fair to say so, in advance.  Orcs aren’t much for inspiration.  What you will find here are parsings, token thoughts on current events and all the things you’re not supposed to bring up at Thanksgiving.  Also in the cards, there is a small, non-zero chance of finding observations here that help put some words to things you’re thinking, maybe learn a thing or two you’re pretty confident you didn’t want to know.

Expect short fiction, essays, some bits on government affairs, a healthy exposé on fascist movements tracked around the world who don’t enjoy the touch of sunlight any more than we enjoy acknowledging that they still exist, and thoughts about the nature of religion and belief from an apologist perspective.

The ‘theme,’ if you can call it one, boils down to:

Things I’m writing while I should be writing other things.

…and sometimes, little pieces of the things I should be writing.

Welcome aboard, and happy reading.  But not, y’know, happy reading, because a lot of what we talk about is hard.